Watch Out For Rover


Activity Description

Watch Out For Rover is a simple proportional reasoning activity with deep learning possibilities for students.

Students work with the TI-Innovator Rover to determine a how long they should drive forward in order to park as close to Rover (the dog) as possible. The closest team wins the competition.

Watch Out For Rover

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Teacher Notes

Watch out for Rover with Chris Atkinson.mp4

Watch out for Rover Wee-binar Recording

Chris Atkinson

October 21, 2020

Curriculum Connections

Grade 8



  • C1.3 determine pattern rules and use them to extend patterns, make and justify predictions, and identify missing elements in growing and shrinking patterns involving rational numbers, and use algebraic representations of the pattern rules to solve for unknown values in linear growing and shrinking patterns


    • C3.1 solve problems and create computational representations of mathematical situations by writing and executing code, including code that involves the analysis of data in order to inform and communicate decisions

    • C3.2 read and alter existing code involving the analysis of data in order to inform and communicate decisions, and describe how changes to the code affect the outcomes and the efficiency of the code


  • D1.2 collect continuous data to answer questions of interest involving two variables, and organize the data sets as appropriate in a table of values

  • D1.6 analyse different sets of data presented in various ways, including in scatter plots and in misleading graphs, by asking and answering questions about the data, challenging preconceived notions, and drawing conclusions, then make convincing arguments and informed decisions


    • Critical thinking; Problem solving; Reasoning and proving; Testing approaches; Perseverance