MTH1W Coding Supports


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Visit to a Water Park.mp4

Students will be incrementally working through the process of converting from feet and inches to inches to cm to meters then using boolean logic (an if statement) to determine the correct ticket to purchase.  The next step will be to determine (using code) the price of the ticket in both CAD and USD based on the current exchange rate.

Visit to a Water Park

Real World Problems.webm

Students will use technology to solve real-world problems involving fractions, percent, exponents, and linear functions.

Real World Problems

Expectations:  B3.4; B3.5; C1.5; C2.1; C2.3; 

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Everyday Math.webm

This program asks students to solve 8 contextual problems involving discounts, price increases, giving tips, and calculating sales tax.

Everyday Math

Expectations:  B3.5; C1.5; C2.1; C2.3; 

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